A new order for Shanghai exhibition

March 02, 2024

Product name: “ANSI 150LB DN150 Carbon steel flange flexible compensator double spheres rubber expansion joint”

Size: DN150

Rubber material: EPDM

Flange material: Carbon steel

Flange standard: ANSI 150LB



A customer contacted vicky to order a batch of “carbon steel flange flexible compensator double spheres rubber joints”.

TThis customer learned about our company at the Shanghai exhibition, and had a certain understanding of our company's qualifications, so he paid more attention to the details and quality of the products. After understanding the customer's needs, Vicky answered the customer's questions in detail and sent some products pictures. finally the customer placed an order with confidence and satisfaction.

If you are also interested in our products, please contact us, we will provide you with good service and high-quality products.

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