Export a batch of PTFE lined rubber expansion joint

March 02, 2024


Flange material:SS316

Flange standard:ANSI 150LB

Rubber material:EPDM rubber with PTFE lined


Quantity:78 sets

Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Kathy received an inquiry form for PTFE lined flexible rubber expansion joint. After the first communication, she learned that the customer is very concerned about the quality of the product, the strength of the factory and the price.

Kathy showed the customer pictures of our factory and the shipment of PTFE lined rubber joint products, and told the customer that because we are the source factory, we can provide our customers with excellent product quality and discounted prices.After seeing our scale, flexible rubber joint production line, and products appearance, the customer was very satisfied with our attentive service, and Kathy ultimately won the order.

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