New customer ordered a batch of rubber joints

February 23, 2024

Product name: “ANSI DN100 PN16 flanged stainless steel 304 flexible rubber expansion joint”


Flange standard:PN16

Flange material:SS304



The new customer contacted us and wanted to order a large diameter rubber joint.

Our sales responded to the customer in time.Because this is new customer who don’t know much about our company, our sales immediately introduced our company’s strength and qualifications to the customer, and provided customer with actual pictures of the factory and products.The customer provided specific parameters and wanted to order a sample first.

After receiving the sample, the customer was very satisfied and subsequently ordered a large quantity of rubber joints. The following is the product picture provided to the customer before delivery:

Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
















Thank you to our customer trust and support.

Give us a trust, we will not let you down, welcome to inquire and place an order.

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