Pipe repair clamp solves the problem of pipeline leakage

March 26, 2024
Pipe repair clamp's function: 
It is designed to be installed on damaged or leaking pipelines and can be installed without affecting the operation of the pipeline system or the installed system. The defects are encapsulated in the fixture body, and the pressure integrity is restored by locking bolts.
Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Advantages of stainless steel pipe repair device:
1. Easy to assemble:not limited to pipe, suitable for rapid repair. The end of the pipe can be connected without treatment. The thin-walled and thick walled pipe can greatly reduce the construction cost.
2. Convenient maintenance: in the time after repair, even if there is oil and water in the pipe, there is no need for welding and heating, and there is no fire or explosion risk.
3. Firm, corrosion resistant:space saving, sealing and plugging under pressure, and easy to install.
4. Reliability: it can compensate the expected displacement and angle deviation, and the lip structure of rubber ring can enhance the sealing effect with the increase of pressure.
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