How to install rubber joints

March 23, 2024

1.Use strictly within the allowable range of temperature,pressure,medium and displacement.(Refer to cata- logue or contact us for confirmation.)

2.Runtaida-Rubber joints should be installed in natural state or within 5 mm of compression.The allowable displacement should not be regarded as the allowable error value of installation, so as to avoid early damage when the product is installed.

3.There must be fixed anchor or pipes guides in the pipeline,and the fixed support force must be bigger than the axial displacement force,If the fixed support force of the pipeline is less than the actual axial displacement force of the Runtaida rubber joint,the limit anti-pull-off device should be installed and adjusted to the allowable safe displacement.

4.Loosen all the bolts during installation, install accordina to the product drawingalian with the relative flange first, install all the bolts,add the spring pad,and tighten the cross diaaonal one by one When assem bling bolts, the thread tip must be pointed to the outside of the ball to avoid damaging the ball when it expands.

5.Rubber joints should avoid contact with sharp objects,coatings brushed with oraanic solvents and therma insulation materialsand avoid welding spark burns.

6.When Runtaida rubber joints are used in high temperature,high pressure or chemical dangerous sub- stance medium,additional protective measures should be taken to protect the personnel on site from being harmed in the case of leakage or splash.

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