Large diameter customized bellow expansion joint exported to Thailand

March 23, 2024

Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.



End pipe:SS2205

Inner sleeve:SS2205

Flange standard:PN10


ear plate:SS304

Tie rods:SS304



last week,a customer from Thailand sent us an email requesting to order a batch of large caliber stainless steel bellow expansion joint.


After communicating with our sales, the customer expressed his desire to take a sample first. After completing the production according to the specification provided by the customer, we immediately sent the product photos to him and arranged for shipment. After receiving the metallic expansion bellows with flange , the customer was very satisfied with the appearance, quality, packaging, and service of our products, and soon placed a batch of SS expansion bellows orders.


What our salesperson wants to share here is to accurately grasp customer needs, respond to customer problems and solve customer concerns in a timely and professional manner, so that customers feel our professionalism and sincerity, and there will be a continuous stream of cooperation opportunities.

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