PTFE lined bellow expansion joint

March 23, 2024

Product Features:

The PTFE expansion bellows is a layer of PTFE material added to the inside of the ordinary bellows to protect the internal corrugated structure and prevent corrosion damage to the bellows through the medium.

1.High pressure resistance

2.High temperature resistance

3.Acid and alkali resistance

4.Oil resistance

5.Wear resistance


Structure of PTFE lined bellows:

1.Common bellows are usually composed of bellows, flanges and tie rods.
2.The material of bellows is SS 304 / 316L, and the flange and tie rods material are usually Q235r SS 304 / SS 316L.

Why choose PTFE lined?

1.Protect the corrugation from being damaged by the medium with high corrosion concentration.

2.The medium conveyed by PTFE bellows is strong acid, strong alkali, high salt and alkali.

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