PTFE lined expansion joint

May 18, 2024

1.The rubber joint is composed of inner and outer rubber layer,PTFE, nylon cord fabric and steel ring, which is vulcanized and then combined with metal flange or parallel joint loose sleeve.
2.The product can reduce vibration and noise, and can compensate thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature change. It is widely used in various pipeline systems.

Product Material:

1.Outer/inner rubber:EPDM,NR,NBR,PTFE,BR,CR,BR+CR,FKM,Sylopute

2.Frame:Nylon cord fabric

3.Pressurized ring:Steel wire strand

4.Flange:stainless steel,carbon steel,ductile iron

Choose different materials according to your requirements.

The range of size from DN15 to DN4000 are all available. 

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