Participate in the exhibition of Guangdong International Pump and Valve

March 25, 2024

Our sales department participated in the exhibition of Guangdong International Pump and Valve during 2rd to 4th,April,2018. Aim to introduce our product, our brand to customer, and build a good impression to customer.

We show mainly our samples of rubber expansion joint, metal expansion joint, dismantling joint and other pipe fitting. After checking our product samples,customer learned a lot,they knew what’s the difference between good product and bad product. Advantages of our product: Beautiful outlook, smooth surface, perfect welding, good quality raw material, production 100%  as per standard, strong technical support, kindly service and solve problem in time.

Distributing product catalog. More and more customer knew our factory and product field. We also get much customer’s contact information and procurement information.

Receiving customer on our exhibition booth, had a face to face talk with visiting customer. This action improving our talking ability directly, and it also makes us to know what customer often thinking about. It’s very helpful for us to offer customer a better talk and service in future!

Here are photos took in this exhibition:

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