Welcome Pakistani customers to order a batch of Runaida repair clamp

March 23, 2024

Pipe repair clamp is a kind of equipment for pipeline repair. It has the characteristics of flexible connection, strong corrosion resistance, no need for welding, no fire hazard, space saving, unlimited pipe material, pressure sealing, easy installation and so on.

Repair clamp details
1.Universality : Suitable for any pipe , suitable for rapid repair .
2 . Economics : No treatment is needed at the end of the pipe , the installation is simple , and the construction cost is greatly reduced
3 . Reliability : High airtightness
Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Installation site of repair clamp
Pipeline repairs are suitable for surface / underground engineering , shipbuilding / offshore oil platform , water , gas / natural gas supply , powerindustrial production , sewage treatment and maintenance , etc .
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