What is pipe repair clamp

March 25, 2024

Repair clamp  is made of stainless steel and rubber to achieve the function of sealing and pressure bearing. The structure is very compact. During the construction, no treatment is required for the pipe end. As long as the connector is sleeved on the two pipe ends to be connected, and the side bolts are tightened, the clasp teeth can tightly bite the pipe end surface to achieve the limit fixation, and the sealing sleeve can tightly stick on the pipe to achieve the locking state of tight connection.

Product advantages:

It is applicable to any pipe and fast repair

2.Economical type

the pipe end needs no treatment,and the installation is simple, reducing the construction cost

good field use effect, no water leakage, fast leak stoppage

4.Fast installation
no need to stop water supply,fast plugging

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