Different diameters of dismantling joint

March 25, 2024

Different diameters of dismantling joint are shipped to central Asia

The customer consulted us about the price of the product before, but did not buy it.
Later, I contacted them and customer told us they have an engineering project in the Central Asia region and needed the dismantling joint products.
During this period, customers have learned from our website and circle that our services are professional and we are the leader in the local pipeline industry and our factory has extraordinary strength.
Then the customers visited our factory. He was very satisfied and finally placed an order soon.
Finished, we invited the customer to come to check products. No matter from the appearance of the products,or all the parameters meet the customer's needs. 
The customers was very happy to cooperate with us, and he would continue to cooperate with us next time.
Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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