Rubber joint with limit tie rod

March 23, 2024

Installation method and precautions:

1. When installing rubber joints, it is strictly prohibited to install beyond the displacement limit.

2. If the pipeline pressure is too high, connect the flanges at both ends with limit bolts.

3. The mounting bolts shall be symmetrical and gradually pressurized and tightened to prevent local leakage.

4.1.6mpa above working pressure, the mounting bolt shall be provided with elastic pressure pad to prevent the bolt from loosening during operation.

5. During vertical installation, both ends of the joint pipe shall be provided with vertical stress support, or anti pull off devices shall be adopted to prevent the working pressure from pulling off.

6. The rubber joint shall be installed away from the heat source and ozone area. It is strictly prohibited to expose to strong radiation and use media that do not meet the requirements of this product.

7. During transportation, loading and unloading of rubber joints, sharp tools are not allowed to scratch the surface and sealing surface.

8. If it is used overhead, it can be equipped with elastic support, and the bolts shall be tightened by diagonal method during installation.

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