Single-clip pipeline repair clamp

Water band hdpe high pressure stainless steel Single-clip pipeline repair clamp


Pipe repair clamp is a kind of equipment for pipeline is essentially a pre-rolled band of stainless steel that is lined with rubber inside. To repair a pipe, the repair clamp is simply placed over the area that is leaking and then tightened with the bolts and nuts to compress the interior rubber seal ring,The tensile force applied by the clamp fasteners is converted to a radial pressure on the rubber seal ring,so as to form a seal around the leak.


Structure of repair clamp:

1. Shell: Made of stainless steel 304/316

2. Sealing ring:

(1) EPDM material.

Applicable temperature ranging from: -30 ℃~+130 ℃

Applicable media: Can be used for water, wastewater, air, solids, chemicals,etc

(2) NBR material:

Applicable temperatures ranging from -25 ℃ to+100 ℃

Applicable media: can be used for natural gas, oil, fuel, and various hydrocarbons,etc

(3) Also Optional about sealing ring: HNBR,MVQ,FPM

3. Fasteners:Anti corrosion Dacromet treated heavy-duty bolts, shaft pins, or optional stainless steel accessories


Function of pipe repair clamp:

Suitable for rapid repair of pipeline ruptures, sand holes, aging corrosion, damage, and leaks.


Applicable pipe materials:

 It is suitable for many types of pipes: cast iron,ductile iron,steel,PVC,copper,painted,coated,concrete,metal,galvanised and so on.

 It can connect pipes with different axial directions and diameters, as well as thin-walled and thick walled pipes, to meet the needs of each type and size of pipe.


About us:

We are an excellent supplier in the pipeline industry, with rich production and export experience.

currently exporting to nearly 100 countries and regions.


Our values:Quality first, service first, integrity and responsibility,Loyal to the goal, efficient execution, trust and cooperation

Our mission:make pipeline operation safer
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Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


odel Diameter(MM) Pipe OD(MM) Length Tube pitch Pressure


Ordinary type Ordinary type
25 34 33-35 60 5 2.5 50-80
32 42 42-44 60 5 2.5 50-100
40 48.6 47-49 60 5 2.5 50-100
50 60 59-62 80 8 2.0 100-150
65 76 75-78 80 10 2.0 100-150
80 89 88-92 105 10 2.0 150-200
100 114 108-116 105 10 1.6 150-200
125 140 137-142 115 10 1.6 250-300
150 159 157-162 115 10 1.6 250-300
200 219 217-221 155 10 1.2 400-800
250 273 271-275 155 10 1.2 400-800
300 325 323-327 155 10 1.0 400-800
350 377 375-379 155 10 1.0 800-1200
400 426 424-428 155 10 0.8 800-1200
450 480 475-482 155 10 0.8 800-1200
500 530 526-533 155 10 0.8 1200-1500

Special size and length can be customized production for you.


Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


1. Durable and corrosion-resistant, no need for welding, no fire hazard,good sealing performance

2. Time saving, convenient installation, and high construction efficiency

3. It can block leaks under pressure without the need for pipeline replacement, avoiding economic losses caused by pipeline shutdown

4. Wide range of applicable pipes

5. Different lengths and diameters for repair clamps can be provides according to your requirements

6.the shell is grade 304 or 316 stainless steel ,has superior corrosion protection

Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Application field:

1.surface/underground engineering,such as water supply networks,sewage treatment and maintenance,wastewater and irrigation systems.

2.shipbuilding/offshore oil platform,water,gas/natural gas supply,power,industrial production,sewage treatment and maintenance,etc.

Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


With regard to packaging, we will use plastic film to wrap the goods,Then we will make wooden boxes for export to avoid dampness, so that the goods can be delivered to customers in good condition.


Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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