Carbon steel flange single sphere EPDM coupling rubber bellows expansion joint

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Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

rubber bellows expansion joint single sphere NBR or EPDM ANSI 150LB carbon steel flange 

Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Rubber expansion joint is also called rubber bellows, rubber joint, single sphere flexible connection, expansion joint bellows etc,it can absorb the axial, horizontal and anular displacement.
Structure of rubber flexible joint: one rubber sphere body and two flanges
Remarks: We can also provide separate rubber sphere and flanges
To save your time costs, It would be great if you could provide the following parameters:
1.Nominal Diameters: DN15-DN4000
2.Rubber joint material: EPDM,NBR,CR,PTFE,etc.
(Remarks:It doesn't matter if you don't know the material, Please tell us the medium and temperature during operation, we will recommend suitable products for you)
3.Flange material: SS304,SS316/CS,CS galvanized/ductile iron,etc.
4.Flange standard: DIN PN10,PN16,PN25/ANSI 150LB,300LB/JIS 10K,etc.
The above are our regular materials and standard,Special designed and needs,please feel free to click here and contact us.

 here are our other series of rubber expansion joint:

1.double sphere/double arch/twin-sphere rubber expansion joint with metal flange type

2.Suppliers customize large caliber engineering applications rubber flexible joint end face fully sealed

3.PTFE lined rubber joint NBR rubber single sphere/single arch ANSI 150LB stainless steel 304 flange acid and alkali resistant

4.rubber bellow expansion joint compensator DN15-DN80 with union screw threaded


Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


   notes: We can also customize rubber joints of different lengths according to your needs


Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Datas above are only for reference, DN15-DN4000 are applicable,please contact us for more details now!
We are the source manufacturer, from raw materials to production processes to finished products, ensuring quality and ensuring customer satisfaction with peace of mind.
We can provide pictures or videos of order production and shipment at any time, so that our customers can keep track of the progress of their orders in time.
At the same time, we have the ability to produce large-diameter rubber joints to meet the needs of engineering customers. 

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Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.



Packaging and Shipping:
Single sphere rubber expansion joint is packed by plastic film, then put into export specific wooden cases.
Factory inspection, taking photos and sending them to customers to reassure them before arranging shipment
Beautiful and durable appearance, meeting customer customization requirements
Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


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