Export a batch of “SS304 Flexible Metal hose”

March 02, 2024

Product name:

ANSI 150LB flange SS304 flexible metal braided hose


2.Flange standard:ANSI 150LB

3.Flange material:SS304

3.The material of hose braid:SS304



Kathy received an inquiry for ANSI 150LB flange SS304 Flexible Metal braided hose.

Kathy responded to the customer's inquiry immediately after receiving the customer's inquiry.Because it is a new customer, there were many questions about the strength of our company and product quality.

Kathy communicated patiently with customers again and again, and sent pictures of our factory and products, as well as professional product raw materials and finished product quality inspection reports, showing our strength and telling customers that our product quality is guaranteed and after-sales service is also very good. Professional, export experience is also very rich, the customer finally chose to cooperate with us.

After the product was completed, we immediately sent the product photos to the customer.

When our customer saw the product photo ,he was very satisfied and told us that he will introduce his friends to purchase our products.

The following are our photos of SS flexible metal braided hose with flange:

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