Wide range sleeve ductile iron universal coupling Flexible connection dresser pipe gibault joints

Ductile iron universal dresser coupling 

Dresser coupling joint is a type of mechanical coupling

Function:it is used to join two plain ends of pipes. can grips the spigot (male end) and socket (female end) of two pipes.


Wide range of pipe diameters

The installation process is fast and simple

Not affected by the environment

No welding is required,fire hazard eliminated

Maintain the continuity of the pipeline system

can increase the hoop strength of the pipe

Allowing slight misalignment, vibration,expansion and contraction

It fits on outside wall of pipe,no internal protrusions, will not damage the pipeline lining

a length of pipe can be reomoved by disassembling the dresser coupling


One sleeve:(materials:ductile iron,carbon steel,stainless steel)

Two glands:(materials:ductile iron,carbon steel,stainless steel)

Two gaskets:also known as sealing rings(materials:Commonly used EPDM,also can NBR)

Bolts and nuts:(GD8.8,carbon steel,stainless steel,dacromet bolt)

Work pressure:PN10/PN16/PN25

Maximum temperature:-10℃~+70℃

Applicable Medium:Drinking water, neutral liquids, and sewage

Applicable pipeline materials:Cast iron pipes,ductile iron pipes,steel pipes,PVC pipes,etc


We can provide ductile iron/carbon steel/stainless steel dresser coupling

Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

How to get a quick quote:you need to provide the following information

Pipeline outer diameter and type

The temperature and type of material passing through the pipeline

Maximum pressure in the pipeline

below is our ductile iron dresser coupling pictures






50 59-72 102 165 M12*180 2
65 72-85 102 185 M12*180 2
80 88-103 102 185 M12*180 4
100 109-128 102 218 M12*180 4
125 132-146 102 250 M12*180 4
150 159-182 102 272 M12*200 4
175 192-210 130 312 M12*200 4
200 218-235 130 335 M12*220 4
250 272-289 130 405 M12*220 6
300 315-332 130 460 M12*220 6
300 322-339 130 435 M12*220 6
350 340-360 150 455 M12*250 6
350 357-368 150 518 M12*250 8
350 374-391 150 568 M12*250 8
400 400-429 150 580 M12*250 8
400 418-435 150 580 M12*250 8
400 425-422 150 625 M12*260 8
450 455-472 150 665 M12*260 10
500 500-532 150 690 M12*260 10
500 527-544 150 715 M12*260 10
550 555-572 150 715 M12*260 10
600 600-630 150 790 M12*260 10

The above data are for reference only. Please contact us for details.



Universal coupling is suitable for welding both sides of pipeline. When installing, loosen the capping nut, adjust the installation length and weld the short pipe and pipeline at both ends. Finally, tighten the nut evenly by diagonal method and adjust the anti-pull nut.


Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

With regard to packaging, we will use plastic film to wrap the goods so as to avoid knocking off the paint. Then we will make wooden boxes for export to avoid dampness and insects, so that the goods can be delivered to customers in good condition.




Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co.,Ltd has its own factory and workers, customers can visit at any time.Universal coupling has a small inventory, because cast iron materials need to be made according to the diameter of the pipe through.Of course, if you need, we can send samples for you.

Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.






Gongyi Runda Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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